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Our Services                                                                                        

  • Consulting

  • Training

  • Packaging

  • Equipment

  • Packing & Documentation   

  • EC safety data sheets/MSDS

  • 24 Hour Emergency Contact Phone Number



Professional advice from leading experts  for Air, Sea, Road & Rail.

Our team of experts offer comprehensive advice & consulting solutions essential for the safe storage and transportation of  Dangerous Goods.


Our experienced experts offer individually composed training programmes to meet your specific product and training needs focused on your companies and the legal requirements.     

Packaging & Equipment

Let our team of  experts advise and  supply you with UN approved dangerous goods packaging and equipment for all classes and transport modes including custom made packaging solutions for your goods .

Mobile Packaging & Documentation Service

No trained staff on hand? No problem!  Let our team of  experts do the work. We can provide the packaging & equipment then professionally pack your goods and provide the nessary documentaion, all we need are the MSDS for the goods.                    

EC safety data sheets/MSDS

We can provide you with  EC-safety data sheetsin the corresponding languages for each country.  Additional national rules and regulations have to be taken into account.


24 Hour Emergency Contact Phone Number

We offer the provision and maintenance of a 24-hour Emergency Contact phone number for use in your safety data sheets and  for the transport of dangerous goods by air or sea. The 24hour Emergency Contact phone number is available 24 hours - 365 days a year!