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 Aktuelle Informationen rund um das   Thema Covid-19 / Corona 

 Es ist jetzt eine Frage des Respekts vor den Mitarbeitern   und unseren Teilnehmern, dass wir im Sinne Ihrer   Gesundheit und Seelenfriedens und den Ihrer Familien,

 die Entscheidung für die folgenden Maßnahmen

 getroffen haben.

 Für Conwell International haben die Sicherheit und die     Gesundheit unserer Teilnehmenden und Mitarbeitenden   oberste Priorität.

 Wir beobachten sehr aufmerksam die aktuellen Ereignisse.   Gemäß einer behördlichen Anordnung und des   Beschlusses  des Bremer Senats müssen private   Bildungseinrichtungen den Schulungsbetrieb ab sofort   einstellen. Unser Schulungsbetrieb bleibt somit   voraussichtlich bis zum 30.04.2020 geschlossen.

 Sobald wir weitere Informationen erhalten oder sich am   Zeitplan etwas verändert, werden wir dies veröffentlichen.   Scheuen Sie sich nicht, uns direkt anzusprechen. Bei   Fragen stehen wir Ihnen gern zur Verfügung.


Current information regardinig Covid-19 / Corona


It is now a question of respect for our employees and our participants that we have taken the decision for the following measures in the interests of your health and peace of mind and that of your families.


The safety and health of our participants and employees are top priorities for Conwell International. We are watching the current events very carefully.

According to an official order and the decision of the Senate of Bremen, private educational institutions must immediately stop training. Our training facility will therefore remain closed until April 30th, 2020.

As soon as we receive more information regarding changes in the decision, we will publish it here appropriately. For questions we will happy to assist, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

DANGEROUS GOODS.  In the complicated world of Dangerous Goods and its regulations everybody at some stage can need

a little professional advice and support. No need to go it

alone we are here to help you.

Professional Assistance

Dangerous Goods experts at your side

Our experts are able to construct an individual assistance package to suit your needst  which includes specialist assistance and  training solutions for operators, freight agents and shippers of Dangerous Goods.

This not only ensures the safe transport  & on time delivery but also uphholds the  full compliance with the legal regulations set out by all concerned authorities for all modes of transport.

Professional Advice

Professional advice from leading experts

Air, Sea, Road & Rail.

Our team of experts offer comprehensive advice & consulting solutions starting with a detailed initial analysis of your companies onsite requirements and procedures.  This will enable us to assist and advise your staff in focusing on the key issues essential for the safe storage and transportation of  Dangerous Goods meeting all legal requirements and at the same time imposing and ensuring a new and safe  environment within you company.

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Professional Packaging

Professional packaging 

Pack it safely & Keep it legal!

Let our team of  experts advise and  supply you with UN approved dangerous goods packaging for all classes and transport modes including where needed custom made packaging solutions for your goods.

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Training by Experts

Our experienced experts offer individually composed training programmes to meet your specific product and training needs focused on your companiesl requirements and the current legal regulations.